The New Headspace

Headspace is guided meditation for everybody. With a plethora of new guided meditations, one of our main objectives for the third iteration of the Headspace app was to figure out how we represent all the content in an engaging way that felt approachable, meaningful and fresh. This essentially led us to initiate a systematic illustration and color language that provided the overall Art Direction for the new app experience.

Role — Creative & Art Direction 
Illustration — Nexus Studios

Emotions are sometimes esoteric and hard to visualise especially if one is reliant on using icons as we had done in the previous product. Working with the awesome team at Nexus, we instead created abstract environments to visualise packs (guided content) that personify the complexities of the mind.

We also implemented an engaging narrative in the introduction screens before you start a pack. The idea was to build up an encouraging narrative each day by using a familiar character.